Dec. 5-6, 2016 Singapore

5th International Conference on Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS-2016)

International Conference on Studies in Arts, Law and Education (ICALE-2016)

Int’l Conference on Issues in Business, Economics, Marketing and Mathematics (IBEMM’16)


Prof. Ibrahim Akman

Prof. Dr. Wagih Elgohary

ISBN 978-93-84468-83-5


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Decentralisation of Local Self-Government in India and Bangladesh: A Comparative Analysis
Dr. Jayanta Choudhury, and Purbita Gupta
2Transformation of Correlation between Ethnic, Civic and Religious Components of the Personal Identity at the Beginning of the XXI century in Russia
Svetlana G. Maximova, Oksana E. Noyanzina, Anastasiya A. Gorbunova, Daria A. Omelchenko, and Maxim B. Maximov
3Mental Representations and Perception of People with Other Ethnicity (On the Example of Psychosemantic Experiment in Four Russian Regions)
Svetlana Maximova, Daria Omelchenko, Maxim Maximov, Oksana Noyanzina, Natalia Goncharova, and Svyatoslav Semaynov
4A Study on Applying the Quranic Persuasive and Intimidation Approach during Patient Consultation Sessions Conducted by Medical Experts and Lecturers at the Faculty of Medicine, Sultan Zainal Abidin University
Muzammir Anas, Majdan Paharal Radzi, Dr. Azizul Fadzli Wan Jusoh@Ab Rahim, Mohd. Shahril Othman (Ph.D), Shuhaida Hanim Mohamad Suhane and Dr. Rosliza Yahaya
5Dalit Assertion and Its Concomitant Impact on Rural Society of Bihar
Upendra Kunwar
6Relationship Between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Employee Performance on Hospitality Industry in Surabaya Indonesia
Thomas S. Kaihatu, Michael Adiwijaya, Endo W. Kartika, and Agustinus Nugroho
7Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing in the University of The Gambia
Saikou Sanneh, and Chih-Chien Lai
8Cultural Knowledge Management of the Great Tradition: A Case Study of Royal Traditional Thai Crafts School for Men
Chaloempond Chantong
9E-government non-adoption in the Republic of Mauritius
Dr Chintamanee Sanmukhiya, and Barkha Roopchand
10Rural Society’s Interpretation of Modern Architecture Represented by Television
Nisa Kurnia Illahiati
11Compulsory License in Biodiversity Based Patent: Public Health Concern and Benefit Sharing for Developing Countries
Dr.Ranti Fauza Mayana, and Tisni Santika
12Factors of Storage Management Performance of Pearl Bubble Milk Tea Business, Bangkok
Patchaploy Jareantanyachod, and Chinnaso Visitnitikija
13Factors of Service Quality of Tum Moor Restaurant at Lad Krabang Industrial Estate Branch
Piyaporn Vongchuensunthorn, and Dr. Chairat Suriyapa
14Work Performance Efficiency Development of Personnel at O.Y.T. Co., Ltd.
Vichit Tantipongpiradech, and Dr. Vatchara Yeesuntes
15Factors of Marketing Affecting the Selection of Private Hospital in Thailand
Dr. Chinnaso Visitnitikija, and Lu Shi
16Reading Community for Students in Indonesia : Improving Knowledge and Experiences with Books
Pandu Purwadi
17Business Cycles with Capital, Environment and Renewable Resources
Wei-Bin Zhang
18Employer Value Proposition: The Case of MBM TEMPO
Ningky Sasanti Munir
19Social Entrepreneurships and it’s Role Towards Poverty Reduction: A Comparative Study between Indonesia and Thailand Context
Lieli Suharti, Roos Kities Andadari, Hani Sirine, and Soomboon Panyakom
20The Importance of Spirituality Dimensions in the Entrepreneurial Development for College Graduates
Hani Sirine, Elisabeth Penti Kurniawati, and Lieli Suharti
21A Training and Development (T&D) Cycle for Non-regular Workers
Kumudinei Dissanayake
22Individual Careers in the Contemporary Organizations: A Natural Selection Perspective
Kumudinei Dissanayake
23Determination of Innovation Needs for Ophthalmic Lenses
Erdoğan Özdemir and Onur Yarar
24The Evaluation of the Audiometrist Candidates for their Future Work Life
Osman Günay, and Onur Yarar