Oct. 4-5, 2016 Bali (Indonesia)

4th International Conference on Disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS-2016)

Prof. Judith A Magnetico
Assoc. Prof. Erna Oliver

ISBN 978-93-84468-73-6



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1To Study the Difference in the Participation Level of Parents in the Education of Pakistani Students from Grade 7 To 10: Relation with Gender and Level of Studies
Dr. Zeenat Ismail
2Women Resistance on Sintren Art Performance: Analysis on Women’s Argument on the Construction of Social Culture in the Coastal Community
Yuliawan Kasmahidayat, Agus Nursalim, and Tri Karyono
3A Study on Anthropometric and Ergonomic Design of Furniture in the Laboratory of Arts Education
Agus Nur Salim
4Competence Lecturers and Learning Module Influences Student Achievement (A case study in the Diploma-3 STIAMI Institut Jakarta)
Tukhas Shilul Imaroh, and Desak Gede Roche Dian Novita
5The Effect of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty of Small Scale Indonesian Food Enterprises in Surabaya
Herry Christian Palit, Monika Kristanti, Debora Anne Yang Aysia, and Apfia Priskila
6The Role of Scientific Worldview in Predicting Climate Change Concern and Mitigation Behaviour
Wen Xue, and Shouying Zhao
7The Intervention of Teacher’s Written Feedback on Writing Proficiency
Mark Kolenberg and Shirzad Mansouri