CABS-2015 Sept. 4-5, 2015 Istanbul (Turkey)

International Conference on Chemical, Agricultural and Biological Sciences (CABS-2015)

Prof. Dr. Bülent TOPCUOGLU
Prof. Kazuaki Maeda

ISBN: 978-93-84422-36-3



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Influence of Electro-oxidation Pretreatment on Anaerobic Digestion Bioprocess
Sonia Khoufi, Emna Feki, Slim Loukil, and Sami Sayadi
2The Bio-Film- Its Implications in the Technological Of Producing Drinking Water and Its Reduction
Daniela Gologan, and Gheorghe Poienariu
3Comparison of Antioxidant Properties of Pomegranate Peel Extract by Different Methods
Ranjan Mutreja, and Pradyuman Kumar
4Antioxidant Activity of some Amidine Derivatives
Fatiha Malki, Abdelkader Touati, Saâd Moulay, and Michel Baltas
52D-Quantitative Structure Activity Study and the Computational Prediction of Antibacterial Activity for Series of Quinolones Derivatives
Aissaoui Mohamed, Hatem Layeb, and Abdelhafid Djerourou
6Polymeric Proteins, Rheological Properties and BREAD Making Quality of Durum Wheat Flours and Semolina
Abdenour Yesli, Ghania Ounane, and Chahinez Tazrout
7Tyrosinase Biosensor for Phenol Monitoring in Water
Christina G. Siontorou, and Konstantinos N. Georgopoulos
8Geographical distribution and Host Range of Genus Uromyces (Pucciniaceae, Uredinales) in Pakistan
N.S. AFSHAN, A. Ishaq, and A.N. Khalid
9Influence of Drought Stress, Vermicompost and N Fertilizer on Safflower Leaves Antioxidant Enzymes Activity
Kazem Taleshi, and Nooshin Osoli
10Changes in the Rate of Soluble and Insoluble Sugars in Roots of Safflower with Using Vermicompost and Nitrogen under Drought Stress
Noshin Osoli, and Kazem Taleshi
11Local Wastes for Synthesis of Different Types of Zeolites
Rawand S. Abdullah, and Kafia M. Shareef
12Alternative Approach for Drought Tolerance; Seed Priming and Physiology
Elif Özdemir, and Bayram Sade
13Determination of Some Physiological Parameters of Some Sweet Maize Inbred Lines
Elif Özdemir, and Süleyman Soylu
14Identifying Some Sweet Maize Inbred Lines by Using Some Growing Parameters
Elif Özdemir, and Bayram Sade
15Protein Structure of Wheat and Factors Effect on Wheat Protein Quality
Elif Özdemir, and Süleyman Soylu
16Fungal Diversity in World largest Man-made forest, Changa Manga, Pakistan
Abdul Rehman Niazi, Najam-ul-Sehar Afshan, and Annum Razzaq
17Evaluation of Oxidative Stress during Toxoplasmosis in Pregnant Women
Sahib J. Abdul-Rahman, Omaima I. Mahmood, and Reem S. Abdul-Aziz
18Monitoring Soil Moisture Consumption in Guilan Province
Jalal Behzadi
19Studies of Resistance to Sharka in Several Romanian Apricot Progenies
Ligia Ion, Tudora Neagu, Adrian Asănică, and Cristina Moale
20Catalytic Conversion of Methanol to Hydrocarbons over different wt% Ni-HZSM-5
Thamer Adnan Abdullah
21Identification and Occurrence Records of Lucilia Sericata Meigen (Diptera, Calliphoridae) In Algeria
Meriem Taleb, Ghania Tail, Fatma Zohra Kara, Brahim Djedouani and T Moussa
22Study the Effect of Added 4wt% of Nickel Oxide, Ammonium Oxide and Cobalt Oxide over HZSM-5 Catalyst for the Catalytic reaction of Bio-Ethanol into Hydrocarbons
Thamer Adnan Abdullah, Fanar Ganem Hashem, Qusay J. Rasheed, Abdulnasser M. AL-gebori, and Hasan R. Obayes
23Predicting Rice Grain Yield Using Soil Fertility Qualities: Inherent Soil Fertility Potential and Nutrient Availability (Case Study: Southern Half of Foumanat Plain in North of Iran)
Bahareh Delsouz Khaki, Naser Honarjoo, Naser Davatgar, Ahmad Jalalian, and Hosein Torabi Gelsefidi
24Soybean (Glycine Max L.)Growth Enhancement under Water Stress Conditions
Ayman EL Sabagh, Sobhy Sorour, Abd Elhamid Omar, Mohammad Sohidul Islam, Akihiro Ueda, Hirofumi Saneoka and Celaleddin Barutçular
25Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution of Greenhouse Areas in the Eastern Part of Antalya (Turkey)
Bülent Topcuoğlu